How To Scarves

As we endure the cold weather, it can get boring to have to continually bundle up with scarves. It becomes especially mundane if every day we just drape the scarf around our necks and let them hang like wet noodles. Never fear though, these fun ways to tie a scarf will freshen up your look and carry you into the spring. We’ve provided you with ways to tie every type of scarf in your closet, and with looks that you can continue to wear even after the weather heats up.

Silk Scarf:

The cowgirl tie- You will want a lightweight, square scarf for this- preferably in a whimsical print or bright color. This is a fun tie to pair with leather boots, a button down and jeans. It’s flirtatious yet casual. This look works especially well in late winter/early spring. In order to achieve this look, simply tie it similarly as you would with a bandana by folding the scarf in half, wrapping it the ends around your neck, and tying the ends together.

The bowtie– If you’re attending a more formal event or want to look sophisticated- try substituting a fun bow-tied scarf instead of a necklace. Any business/formal look can be instantly made to look a little more avant-garde by adding a solid colored scarf bowtie. To achieve this look, simply tie the scarf around your neck as you would with a regular bow. Take care to make sure the loops in the bow are not too big or bulky, and that the loose ends are not too long- as this will make your bowtie look awkward instead of adorable.

The headscarf– Who says you have to wear a scarf around your neck? If you have a silky square scarf, it can be wrapped around your head to bring more attention towards your face. It makes a bold statement and can be helpful in covering up a bad hair day! To achieve this look, wrap the scarf around your head and tie it at the top, then tuck the loose ends from the tie back underneath the main wrap.

Infinity Scarf:

The Twisty- Infinity scarves can be hard to get creative with, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options. This twisted look is unique and sure to get you noticed. It’s also a good way to give an infinity scarf more structure. It is a statement piece, so use a solid but bold color and pair it with an understated top. To achieve this look put both hands inside the scarf loop and pull them apart to create tension. Then twist one hand around until you have created two small loops around either hand. Wrap it around your neck.  Put one of the small loops through the other, then twist it and put the other loop through the first one.

The asymmetric loops- Another fun way to wear an infinity scarf is to wear it asymmetrically. This look is for those who are willing to take bigger risks in their fashion; it combines the look of a sash with the look of a looped scarf to give the scarf an air of royalty. To achieve this look, simply loop the scarf around your torso, then loop it again around your neck.

Thick Winter Scarf:

The pretzel knot- This one is a great go-to if you’re not feeling particularly risky, but you want a fun twist on a classic that will keep your neck warm. It works well with any color or print. It also works well with knits and looks great paired with most outfits. Simply fold the scarf in half, then loop it around your neck. Then, place one end of the scarf through the loop. Twist the loop and place the second end of the scarf through it. For added fun, pair a printed scarf with a solid color scarf and tie them both together at the same time to back a double-pretzel knot!

The chain of knots- This style is quirky and sure to prompt some questioning. It works really well with a low cut shirt or a button down. It almost functions as a fun tie when paired with a blazer. It would be best to try this look with a regular scarf rather than a bulky knit scarf. To achieve this look first wrap the scarf around your neck. Then tie the ends together and pull the knot through the back. Continue this all the way down in parallel knots until you’re satisfied.

Men’s Scarf:

The hitch– For men unfortunately there are less options for tying a scarf but that doesn’t mean you are limited to the drab single loop around technique. The hitch is simple yet effective and is sure to make any man look stylish. Pair it with a coat or a blazer and leave it untucked for a slightly unkempt look. To achieve this look, simply loop the scarf around your neck twice, then tuck the longer loose end into the second loop.

The overhand– If you have a particularly nice, thinner scarf and you’re looking to wear it in a preppier way, the overhand will do the trick. This look goes especially well with sweater vests, blazers and sweater jackets. Be sure to tuck it into your jacket/vest to add a classy touch and give the look an overall neater appearance. To achieve this look, simply do a single loop around your neck, making sure to keep one end of the scarf longer than the other. Then, take the longer end and wrap it back under and through the loop, sort of like you would with a tie.

Amanda Morris is a staff writer. Email her at


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