How To Fashion Week


Whether you’ve been waiting since last fall or couldn’t care less, New York Fashion Week is nearly upon us. Even for veterans of the extravaganza, there are some good guidelines to keep in mind — and if you really don’t give a damn, there are ways you can survive the descent this Thursday, Feb. 12.


If you’re going to the shows: For first-timers, the inevitable question is what to wear-and the answer is black. Head-to-toe. The benefits of all-black have long been sung, but perhaps most important is that it looks immediately put-together-even if you’re decked out in Zara. Still, your outfit can only take you so far-you also need to project confidence, especially if you’re trying to get in when you’re not on the guest list. In short, you should look like you belong-even if you’re a confused freshman who still hasn’t been above 14th Street. Nevertheless, don’t forget to be friendly, especially to the doorman or doorwoman. Style, confidence, and a good dose of humor might not get you in, but belligerence definitely won’t. Lastly, if you see a celebrity (and there is a good chance you will) please refrain from running up to them saying, “OMG I literally can’t even…can we take a selfie?” Celebrities are human too, and they probably don’t want you accosting them. Plus, you’d be breaking the “look like you belong there” rule.


If you’re not going to the shows, but want to see the collections: If you want to watch the shows in real time, ( is your link. If you’d rather view the collections on your own time, ( is your one-stop destination, with short reviews included. hashtag-marketingOtherwise, Twitter and Instagram should deliver all you need. Be sure to follow your favorite fashion sources because they will undoubtedly be filled with #NYFW related articles and pictures. Also remember to use the #NYFW hashtag so your posts get noticed any time you Tweet or Instagram something fashion week-related.


If you really don’t care: tumblr_mb1k6fMk9h1ql9nrnFor those of us involved in the spectacle at any capacity, it may be hard to imagine that most of this city just doesn’t care about fashion week. But if you somehow fall into the latter category, chances are you won’t think twice if you happen to pass by a VIP event. And if you find your social media feeds are clogged with fashion week content, keep in mind that most New Yorkers probably share your ambivalence. But keep perspective, it won’t last long.

Sam Del Rowe is a contributing writer. Email him at


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