How To: Bold Brow

Cara-Delevingne Lily-Collins-face-photo.02From models to celebs, Cara Delevingne to Lily Collins, city streets to fashion runways; bold brows are everywhere. But celebs and models are not the only who can achieve the perfect statement brow. All a college student needs are a few basic tools found at any department store makeup counters, Sephora, or Walgreens.

The tools: Eyebrow comb, skinny eye shadow brush, slightly darker shade of eyeshadow than your natural hair color or a brow pencil. Some people prefer eye shadow over the pencil to fill in and create a bold brow. I think it depends on how steady your hand is and how long you need the look to last.


I would recommend using eye shadow to fill in your brow if you do not need the look to last longer than a few hours and are a beginner. If you want your bold brow to last all day or are a makeup pro, definitely use the pencil. If you are a beginner but want to use an eyebrow pencil, make sure to give yourself ample time to apply your makeup for the day. Practice makes perfect after all.

Also one should note that before styling your brows in such a bold way, you should probably get the professionally waxed and shaped before you attempt filling them in. The look will look messy if your eyebrows have tiny straying hairs.

Step 1: Comb your brows.

Step 2A: If you are going the eyeshadow route, wet your eyeshadow brush with some water.

Step 2B: If you are going to the pencil route, then start gradually filling them in. Do not press too harshly or the color may turn out too dark.

Bare brows.

Step 3A: Choose your shade and start to fill in your brows. Start applying softly and gradually build up to the shade you want.

Start filling in with eyeshadow.


013115_BoldBrow.06 (1) copy
Gradually add more shadow to darken the color.

Step 4: Complete your look with complimentary eye shadow colors on your lids and some eyeliner and mascara. Be sure to use lighter, shimmery tones so you do not distract from the bold brow.


Step 5: A touch of lip gloss and your look is finished! If you are feeling especially bold, pair your bold brow with a statement look.


Gabriella Bower is the Violet Vision Editor. Contact her at



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