Where to Shop: NYC Holiday Markets

Union Square Holiday Market 

By far the most accessible for NYU students, the Union Square Holiday Market, located from 14th street to 17th street between Broadway and Park avenue south, is definitely a market worth braving the cold for.  There are over 150 local and national vendors, selling everything from handmade jewelry to home décor to novelty toys.   Food ranges from Waffles & Dinges to Momofuku Milk Bar to No Chewing Allowed! and many more.  On weekends, the market seamlessly connects to the weekly fresh food market on the other hair of Union Square, making it a foodie’s heaven.  The market is open until Dec. 24.

Winter Village at Bryant Park

Possibly the most diverse holiday market, boasting not only 127 shops but also a massive free ice skating rink, the Winter Village at Bryant Park is a quick subway ride to 40th Street and sixth.  A must-have for holiday shopping and adorable date nights, the park often offers exclusive deals on certain days such as free food, store gift cards, and juggling lessons by the rink.  This market boasts an impressive number of food vendors that range from Belgian fries to schnitzel to pickles, in addition to Celsius, a two-story glass restaurant that overlooks the rink.  The vendors are there until Jan. 4, and the rink is open until Mar. 1.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market

If you are looking for something that is a bit more classic New York, check out the Columbus Circle Holiday Market, located at 59th Street and Central Park West, right at the southwest entrance of Central Park.  Urban Space—the same company that runs the Union Square Holiday Market—hosts the shops, but there is still a huge diversity in vendors, ranging from gourmet jams to Tibetan handmade jewelry to wooden puzzles.  Foods include pretzels from Sigmund’s, empanadas, grilled cheese, apple cider and many more.  This market tends to get a bit crowded due to the small space and popular location, so it might be best to visit on a quieter weekday.  The market is open until Dec 24.

Grand Central Holiday Fair

If you would prefer not to face the cold to do your holiday shopping, check out the Grand Central Holiday Fair, located inside Vanderbilt Hall.  There are 76 shops, ranging from accessories, candles and fine art to Christmas ornaments to toys and gadgets for all ages.  Grand Central Station is a great landmark for anyone new to the city to check out, and it is just a quick subway ride from Astor Place, right near the NYU campus.  The shops are open until Dec. 24.

With so many diverse holiday markets around the city, it’s easy to buy gifts for your entire family.


Sophie Lewis is a staff writer. Email her at bstyle@nyunews.com. 

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