Staying Chic in Wintertime Coats

Let’s face it—brisk temperatures and blustery winds have finally made their arrivals, and it doesn’t look like they are in a hurry to leave anytime soon. If there’s any must-have item for NYU students this winter, it is a good coat. However, finding a coat that is warm enough for the chilliest days and doesn’t look too bulky can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully, designers have shown off countless options for staying warm and looking stylish on the Fall/Winter runways, and students can easily emulate them on a college budget.


From left: Gucci, H&M
From left: Gucci, H&M 


Pastel hues are no longer reserved for spring and sunny weather! Designers put together winter ensembles using springtime shades of pink, light blue, mint, and lavender for their Fall/Winter shows. Gucci showed off a monochrome pink look, complete with a pink double-breasted coat. H&M offers a pea coat in a similar shade ($39.95) that is sure to brighten up even the darkest winter days.

From left: Saint Laurent, Forever 21
From left: Louis Vuitton, Forever 21



Designers like Louis Vuitton showed off unordinary and unprecedented ways to wear leather this winter. Leather dwelled everywhere, from bags, to pants, to dresses, to shirts. Even your average leather jacket was always shown off with a twist, like coming in a unique color, or having fun embellishments. Show off this trend and stay warm in Forever 21’s burgundy motorcycle jacket ($37.80).

From left: Saint Laurent, Nasty Gal
From left: Saint Laurent, Nasty Gal



We can all channel our inner superhero or Little Red Riding Hood with this season’s cape trend! The runways showed so many capes in different colors, lengths, and silhouettes, that you are bound to find one that doesn’t feel like a costume. Saint Laurent’s version came in a grungy plaid, and Nasty Gal sells a similar look ($98).

From left: Michael Kors, Forever 21
From left: Michael Kors, Forever 21


Duster Coats

Duster coats hit the ground running (literally) on the Fall/Winter runways this year. These coats are perfect for cold weather, because they allow you to look chic, and to be covered head to toe. Michael Kors showed how a duster coat could be worn over a long dress to have a polished look and keep bare legs warm. Forever 21 provides a very similar look with their Longline Duster Coat ($74.80), but you still might want to reconsider the bare legs look in chilly NYC temperatures.


From left: Roberto Cavalli, Urban Outfitters
From left: Roberto Cavalli, Urban Outfitters


Eccentric furs in crazy colors and wild prints were all the rage on the runways. Roberto Cavalli showed off a bright red and black fur coat that would definitely stand out on NYC streets. If you want a cheaper look that is a little more toned down, try the Ladakh Pepe Faux-Fur Jacket from Urban Outfitters ($79).



Natalia Barr is a contributing writer. Email her at 


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