High Fashion, College Wallet: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Collection, the storied American fashion house’s black label line, experimented with textures for Fall/Winter 2014: jackets, sweaters, and dresses came in shaggy earth-tone colors, while stark black and white ensembles were refreshed in texturized interpretations, with heavy boots balancing the flowing tops. While the more intricate outerwear would be hard to replicate on a budget, this look is simple, consisting of a long, texturized white dress and heavy boots.

Via Style.com
Via Style.com

For the dress, check out ASOS Midi Skater Dress in Texture with High Neck ($66.33). While the exact texture differs from the Calvin Klein, the silhouette is remarkably similar, especially because of the high neck. The runway look’s unique belt is hard to match, but American Apparel’s Clear PVC Belt ($18) is similar in concept, and features shiny metal hardware to give the simple ensemble some pop; or, substitute your own favorite waist belt for a more personal interpretation.

The heavy boots, which contrast beautifully with the carefree top, recall classic Dr. Martens: the 1460 ($125) is, of course, the go-to, but you can also try the more intense, 14-eyelet 1914 ($140), which might be closer to the runway ones. Substitute the black laces out for white ones ($3.00) to complete the look.


Sam del Rowe is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com. 


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