High Fashion, College Wallet: Marissa Webb

As the cold weather creeps in, so does the thick and cozy clothing into our closets. In her New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Marissa Webb reminds us that we can still be stylish and stay warm at the same time. Webb’s collection showcased an array of textures and colors, from black leathers to pastel furs and checkered patterns, to convey a very New York City look. The lineup was sophisticated and chic with an urban edge. Webb experimented with over-sized styles—particularly the sweater and jackets—but embraced femininity by adding fitted leather pieces as well as fur scarves. Playful skirts were also a central component to the collection, mainly worn with the bigger sweaters and the grungier checkered styles. Webb’s collection, although high-end, can be easily imitated to fit the budget of a college student looking to stay up to date with New York Fashion Week trends.

Via NewYorkFashion Week.Buzz
Via NewYorkFashion Week.Buzz

This particular look from the collection is a classic winter/fall city-girl look. The over-sized light pink jacket coupled with the pastel-colored scarf conveys elegancy and sophistication. Yet, the tight leather pants and long-sleeve piece give the overall outfit an edgier, cosmopolitan vibe. By opting for affordable alternatives, this specific ensemble can be recreated without hurting your wallet.

For the jacket try boohoo.com’s Over-Sized Boyfriend Coat ($69.99). Staple pieces like jackets tend to be pricier and in this case certainly more than the other elements in this ensemble. But if boohoo.com’s price is too costly for your taste, try Carlotte Russe’s Bow Back Button-Up Walker Coat ($38.99) for almost half the price. For the tight chic leather pants, go for H&M’s Biker Pants ($29.95). Not only does the H&M option mimic the length of Webb’s runway design but the stretch fabric will ensure that the pants fit your silhouette nicely. For the fluffy infinity fur scarf, try Nordstrom Rack’s Cejon Shaggy Tubular Faux Fur Scarf ($18.97). The scarf’s lighter tone will be sure to add a pop to the heavy pink and black color scheme.

In terms of the tight long-sleeve top under the pink jacket, leather options tend to be overpriced. Therefore, I suggest you opt for Asos’s Crop Top with Turtleneck and Long Sleeves in Rib ($26.66) because the tightness of the Asos’s top is similar to the piece worn by the runway model. However, if you are looking to get a hold of a cheaper option that is looser around the arms, try Old Navy’s Long Sleeve Tees ($8). As for the high heels, go for Forever 21’s City-Chic Faux Leather Pumps ($16.99). Lastly, to top off the Marissa Webb outfit, makeup should be natural and hair looks best down and wavy.


This runway look is quite versatile in the sense that it can be worn on many different occasions, be it a date, an event or even those days you wake up inspired to dress fashionably to class. With these tips, you’ll be looking like a true city-girl in no time. Dressing fashionably—and warm—is definitely the easiest way to combat the chilly weather that awaits us this fall/winter season.

Lisa Azcona is a contributing writer. Email her bstyle@nyunews.com. 

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