Welcome Back Violets!

With NYU Welcome Week in full swing, it is officially the end of summer break for most students. However, when one season ends, another one is merely beginning and I have a feeling that this fall will be quite memorable.

The new season also ushers along with it the one year anniversary of this blog, as well as a reminder of how far this blog has come and how much it has blossomed in the months that have passed. None of this would have been possible without all of the student writers and the WSN team, as well as the creator of the blog, Ariana DiValentino.

There is much to be written about in the coming days and weeks, especially with regards to New York Fashion Week, and new content will be posted regularly starting Tuesday, September 2. In the meantime, since tonight is the Primetime Emmy Awards and I—like many college students—spent a large portion of summer binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, I’ll be monitoring the red carpet and reporting on the night’s best-dressed stars immediately following the telecast.

Here’s to the beginning of a fabulous fall semester!


Gianna Collier-Pitts is the Violet Vision Editor of the Washington Square News. Email her at gcollierpitts@nyunews.com. 




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