How to Work the Plain White T-shirt

The semester and school year are quickly winding down, which means more papers, more tests and more stress. Because the last month is always so hectic, there is no time to pick and choose decent outfits for classes and we find ourselves gravitating toward the same uniform —t-shirt and sweatpants. Although it is tempting to wear this combination everyday when we have so much on our plates, we can still look cute and presentable simply by styling a white T-shirt in different ways. So ditch the baggy sweatpants and learn how to create fashionable outfits with just a little bit of effort.

Via Modern Legacy
Via Modern Legacy

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are the perfect accessory item to pair with a white T-shirt. A bold necklace should receive all the attention it deserves and is best paired with a solid colored shirt. Plus, these necklaces make an outfit look fancier than it really is, adding a pop of interest to a simple tee. When you wear a statement necklace, be sure to also wear simple bottoms so that your outfit does not clash with the necklace.

Forever 21’s Boho Coin Necklace or the Rustic Crescent Bib Necklace is a good choice for those of us that prefer subtle accent pieces. The silver hardware is not as shiny or flashy as some of the other statement necklaces, which make it easier to just throw it on and create an outfit instantly. For more feminine options, Windsor has a great selection of crystal rhinestone necklaces in various shapes and colors.


90’s Knot

If investing in a necklace is too much, try wearing the T-shirt in a 90’s knot paired with high-waisted bottoms. The 90’s knot is a simple technique and involves tying the front of the T-shirt in a knot to create a fake crop top and give more shape to the body. When we want a silhouette out of a slouchy tee, we can use the knot to create it without having to chop off the ends of the shirts. High-waisted jeans have been in trend for a while now, and there are so many various kinds of fits available to wear with the 90’s knot. High-waisted skinnies can do no wrong, but high-waisted boyfriend jeans are also another good option for a laid-back yet chic ensemble.



When in doubt, always pull out the black leggings! If comfort is something that cannot be ignored, leggings are the refined option compared to sweatpants. Because leggings hug tight to the bottom, the relaxed shape of the tee does not entirely drown out the shape of the body.


Next time you feel lazy and want to grab those old sweatpants, remember these tips and discover how simple it is to look great with just a plain T-shirt.


Yujin Ryeo is a staff writer. Email her at


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