Rainy Day Ready: How to Dress for Downpours

Most people have heard the old cliche about April showers, and every year closets suffer more and more from Mother Nature’s wrath. With the rising popularity of PVC and vinyl fashion, staying chic in the rain this season is definitely still in style.

While a raincoat is a simple go to piece to beat the spring storms, it can become a bit drab. Spicing up looks with additional waterproof attire is one easy change, and American Apparel has several options. From their vinyl stretch legging ($65) to their PVC circle skirt ($56) which can be thrown over bottoms, their line of waterproof clothing is extremely useful.


Accessories are a commonly overlooked item that can take a hard hit from the storms. Too many times have leather bags been covered with soggy newspaper in an attempt to protect the material. Instead, use a waterproof backpack on the way to class such as ASOS model for $53. For those looking for a more polished and sophisticated look, try Furla’s rubber satchel for $150.

Hats can also be a statement piece and with the return of Normcore, grunge bucket hats are all the rage. A vinyl and tweed rain hat is the perfect mix of chic and geeky for $24. For those choosing not to partake in this particular trend, American Apparel is back to the rescue with their clear baseball hat in pink and black ($34).


Nothing beats a good knee-high rain boot, but other shoes are a good match for the more classically styled student. Urban Outfitters offers a rain boot that oddly enough does not look like one ($70), and is a perfect option for those looking to get the most use out of their wardrobe. For a different style, a flat can be the perfect look for the warmer days where boots make your feet sweat. Zappo’s offers a $36 shoe that keeps things simple and keeps feet dry.

Staying chic in rainy weather can often be difficult, but just remember to keep your look fun and functional in preparation or May flowers and the drier days to come.

David Bologna is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com


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