High Fashion, College Wallet: Raf Simons

Belgian menswear designer Raf Simons often uses bold graphics in bright colors for his collections, making them hard to emulate. His Spring/Summer 2014 collection followed suit, showcasing a multitude of stripes and layered tops in various colors.

Via Style.com
Via Style.com

A particular look from the runway show features an oversized striped shirt paired with slim-fit black pants and sneakers in a matching color palette. The shirt is the centerpiece of the outfit and unfortunately, thanks to Simons’ signature designs, nearly impossible to match. Nevertheless, close attention to to his choice of color, fit and style work well as compensation. Take into consideration the looseness of the shirt and the buttoned collar. The color is also important: the purple stripes offset the black pants and complement the colorful sneakers. Macy’s offers an alternative garment in its “Club Room Engineered Elk Striped Performance Polo” in dark purple ($21.98). Consider a size up for an even more exaggerated silhouette as displayed by the model.

Finding a match for the black pants is significantly less challenging. Levi’s 510s ($50) and 511s ($43) are always solid options, and both are available in black. Skinny sweatpants are another option and would complement the loose fit of the shirt while still maintaining contrast. ASOS offers many options, including their “Skinny Sweatpants with Zip Fly and Button Detail” ($47.05). Because of their slim fit, these pants won’t appear to be athletic pants, though they feel just as comfortable.

(Click for larger view)
(Click for larger view)

Finally, finish off the outfit with a pair of eye-catching sneakers. Virtually any casual sneaker will complete the look, but the dark grey New Balance Classics ML515 ($67.95) feature pops of color in turquoise and orange, similar to Raf Simons.

Sam Del Rowe is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com. 


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