Quirky Collections: When Fashion Breaks Boundaries

From Anya Hindmarch’s cereal box totes to Jeremy Scott’s signature pieces, the Fall/Winter 2014 season was packed with avant-garde, eccentric looks, showing the designer shift towards more extravagant pieces that evoke a lighthearted, colorful tone to their collections.

Via garancedore.fr
Via garancedore.fr, click for more photos

Shows from this year’s Milan Fashion Week seem to be working off of this trend, centering on Jeremy Scott’s creative direction for Moschino. Scott’s line focused on prints and color palettes that imitated famous brands and symbols such as McDonalds, gummy bears and Hershey’s chocolate. In addition, Scott revived Moschino’s classic street style look by adding bold, gold jewelry to enhance the edginess in his designs. The public revered his work, some immediately taking it out to the streets. Anna Dello Russo, editor and creative consultant for Vogue Japan, wore Moschino’s McDonald’s-inspired dress, purse and iPhone case less than a day after Scott debuted his line on the runway. Rita Ora also wore Scott’s cheese-cracker dress at the after-party the next day. Fashion lovers have been admiring this new style and have been incorporating the look into everyday wear.

Anya Hindmarch Fall/Winter '14, click for more photos
Anya Hindmarch Fall/Winter ’14, click for more photos

Apart from Moschino’s brazen line, Anya Hindmarch’s latest bag collection shown in London Fashion Week has created much talk in the fashion world. Recently, Hindmarch has plastered logos of household necessities such as matchboxes, cereal boxes, and laundry detergent. Well-known logos, such as Frosted Flakes and Kellogg’s, both amused and enlightened the public. The bags featured intense complementary colors that popped next to the clothing designs. Toward the end of the show, Hindmarch even incorporated smiley face designs that resembled take out bags. The comic relief and vibrant tone of the line made Hindmarch a highlight of this season.

Even though many consider these lines to be over the top, there are many ways that people can work these designs into their everyday wear. During the bitter New York winter, adding pops of vivacious color into clothing does not sound like such a bad idea. The animated prints and logos will lighten the mood and add some fun to a look. The jewelry and handbags will definitely be easier to incorporate compared to the dresses found in Moschino’s line, which seem to be better fit for both celebrities and fashionistas. However, there’s no harm in trying to integrate those looks for special occasions!

Look out for similar looks to make an appearance in store collections during the upcoming season.

Nikita Methramani is a contributing writer. Email her at bstyle@nyunews.com.

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