How to Transition Clothes from Winter to Spring

Spring is around the corner — it is almost time to put the heavy-duty winter clothing back in the closet. However, some of us cannot let go of the cozy knit sweaters and winter boots that keep us warm during the harsh cold months. Instead of breaking the bank for a new spring wardrobe, learn how to use your favorite winter pieces to create spring-ready outfits.

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1) Fuzzy Cropped Sweaters

 Thick sweaters are must-haves for the wintertime. Cropped sweaters were especially popular this past winter, and the crop trend is not going anywhere. We can transition the sweater into springtime by pairing it with a feminine lace skirt that has a slim fit and falls below the knee. One key trend for this season is the mid-length skirt, which can be dressed up or toned down based on what it is paired with. Find a high-waist lace mid-skirt that will compliment any fuzzy cropped sweater, and top it off with nude ballet flats to create the ideal ladylike spring look.

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2) Black Pleather Leggings/Pants

 Outfit colors tend to gravitate toward darker shades when the weather is colder, but we can transform black into the perfect spring color by mixing and matching different textures and patterns. Pleather is mostly worn during the winter because of its thick, leathery texture that has the ability to retain heat. For warmer weather, wear pleather bottoms with a light, airy floral print blouse, such as the Marlo Daisy Blouse from BB Dakota ($65), to balance out different fabrics but still retain the monochromatic style. Finish off the look with a light cardigan, a fedora and spring sandals to achieve an effortless outfit.

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3) Black Boots

The most versatile item from a winter closet is a pair of black boots. Boots were necessary during the winter to protect feet from the New York City slush puddles and rain. We can bring our beloved black boots into spring by playing with the latest trend — the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are perfect outerwear for spring since they are lightweight and provide warmth on those chilly March and April days. To balance out the roughness of the boots and the bomber jacket, try matching them with light-colored scalloped shorts and a basic T-shirt. This creates a feminine yet edgy look for the busy city girl.

Although seasons come and go, staple closet items like the ones mentioned are versatile and can be worn any time of the year. Do not be afraid to play around with your wardrobe to invent trendy outfits for the next season!

Yujin Ryeo is a contributing writer. Email her at


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