High Fashion, College Wallet: Michael Kors

Spring is almost here! Although the weather in the city is still very snowy, Michael Kors’ Spring/Summer 2014 collection screams spring with the introduction of a variety of floral prints and delicate silhouettes. Kors channels the fun and girlish style of the ’40s with simple yet vibrant pieces, utilizing florals, fur and leather. With an earthy color palette of browns, greens and blues, his collection overflows with confidence and radiance — the heart of American fashion.

The standout piece from this collection is the breezy, navy floral mid-length dress paired with a romantic updo, braided belt, folded woven clutch with brown leather detailing and matching leather lace-up sandals. The look is runway chic, yet can easily be recreated for the college student’s budget.

Via Style.com
Via Style.com

Forever 21 offers their own take on the MK dress for $23. This piece echoes the elegance of the floral print while emphasizing more on the playfulness of the cuts. It has a tie-front, V-neck and an interesting M-slit hemline that showcase the legs.

Simple braided belts can be found in many different shops and ASOS offers their Plait Skinny Waist Belt for just $13. Wrap the belt around the waist instead of the hips to accentuate the womanly shape of the dress.

American Apparel’s Large Leather Carry-All Pouch can be on the pricier side ($65), but the quality and the durability will be worth the investment for this versatile bag. To mimic Kors, the brick color pouch is the appropriate accessory for this outfit.

(Click for larger view)
(Click for larger view)

DSW’s Rampage Kaylor Wedge Sandals ($45) are reminiscent of the burnt umber lace-up Kors shoes and add the finishing touch to a feminine, everyday look.

Kors’ Spring collection is romantic, wearable and a perfect option for those looking forward to the soon-approaching warm weather. With the help of some budget-friendly stores, you can also join Kors in portraying the happiness and playfulness of American fashion.

Yujin Ryeo is a contributing writer. Email her at bstyle@nyunews.com


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