NYFW: Tips and Advice on How to Get Runway Ready

 New York Fashion Week premieres the biggest designers and their latest collections, and attracts thousands of people each season. Names like Michael Kors, Zac Posen and many other iconic fashion houses choose New York City as the place to set the oncoming trends of the fashion industry. For fashion enthusiasts who get to attend NYFW events, the experience is like dying and going to heaven. With pressure mounting as it nears the official start on Feb. 6,  it may seem confusing as to what one might be able to do to prepare for such an occasion. Alas, here are a few tips on how to be your most fashionable self at NYFW.

Be stylish. Obviously! After all, it is fashion week. For those looking for inspiration, read the latest magazines and check out fashion shows from previous seasons to familiarize yourself with designers, but most of all, stay true to yourself. Don’t try to reinvent a look that already works for you, because it may cause you to lose the confidence you already had.

Know your venue. Designers unveil collections in various parts of the city, from Lincoln Center to the West Village. Depending on where you go, you will have to be conscious of some fashion choices. For example, don’t go to a Diane von Furstenberg show wearing jeans and sneakers, or you run the risk of sticking out in the worst way. The same warning holds true for more laid-back shows.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Fashion is supposed to be fun, not daunting, even though some hair and makeup looks at shows might make you to think otherwise. There will be a lot of people to meet and beautiful clothes to see, so remember that it’s fine to have fun during fashion week. Below is the look I will be wearing to menswear designer Steven Alan.


You may be thinking, “Is he going to wear sneakers and sweats to NYFW?” Well, yes, I am. Let me explain. I chose a color palette of black and grays. Alan designs for the more casual, everyday New Yorker, and I wanted to stay true to that idea. Sweats are acceptable as long as they fit well and are fashionable. These are not your average gym sweats. Camo is in. The asymmetrical Moto jacket keeps the look masculine and simple.  Reebok has sneakers with a wavy heel that play off the way the sweats fit around the ankle. My favorite item however has to be the Givenchy large zip pouch, mainly because it’s Givenchy, but also because of its quality and detail. The accessories are interchangeable since they fall into the same color palette, and the cologne is actually a Christmas gift, but it smells amazing and is sure to get noticed by fellow attendees.

So there you have it. I created a look that I would wear even if it weren’t fashion week. Even though I’ll be working behind the scenes, I plan to have as much fun as possible seeing what everyone else has decided to wear. Isn’t that what this whole week is all about, anyway?

Rafiki Johnson is a contributing writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com


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