High Fashion, College Wallet: rag & bone

Everyone is getting into the spirit of easy, urban clothing, and rag & bone always pleases its customers. For pre-fall season, the line released a variety of looks with asymmetrical crop tops, peep toe slingback pumps and boxy jackets with an edge. One of the most satisfying looks is none other than a black lace dress.

The little black dress never fails to wow both wearers and their admirers, but rag & bone puts a twist on the classic silhouette. With the addition of beautiful lace and a black slip underneath, the dress takes on an downtown vibe while still remaining clean and elegant. There is a whimsical and mischievous quality present in the dress, yet its beauty is still apparent. Paired with the peep toe shoe featured throughout the collection, the look is effortless and easy to achieve on a budget.

Via Vogue.com
Via Vogue.com

The most important part of the dress is the slip. Its use underneath the lace dress makes the ensemble more appropriate for the average college student, but does not take away from its overall appearance. A reliable black slip can be found at Gap for just $27.

The next portion of the look is the lace dress itself. While it is difficult to copy the exact pattern of the rag & bone look, American Apparel offers a great alternative at just $36. Their black dress, with its floral detail, showcases the perfect sweet vibe to mimic that of the name-brand designer.

DSW provides an almost exact replica of the designer shoes at their stores. The peep toe slingback pumps come in black leather with light blue piping for $50. To further show your fashion knowledge, switch the black laces of the original pumps with white ones to get the rag & bone effect.

(Click for larger view)
(Click for larger view)

Finally, the styling of the entire look can determine just how daring or classy you want to be. For a nod to rag & bone, pair a dark red lip with a messy bun.

For rag & bone, pre-fall 2014 came with true admiration for a play on one of the most legendary looks. For fashionistas on a budget, however, it can come at an even better price.

David Bologna is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com


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