High Fashion, College Wallet: Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s Alexander Wang has set a new standard for the famous house, and it’s one that can be found on the racks of your favorite bargain stores. With his Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, Wang created a collection of simple colors that read timeless, elegant, and expensive. With clean lines, minimal printed details, and perfect clasp embellishments, Wang also proved his ability to bring his signature touch to a classic fashion name.

The standout look of the collection was a black and white crackle printed top with a slim fold detailed black pant and a pair of matching crackle heeled sandals. Together, the pieces created one of the most strikingly cohesive outfits and is effortlessly mirrored by creating a knock-off version from different labels.

Via Vogue.com

For the top, H&M offers its very own Lyocell Blouse for $50 that blatantly emulates that of Balenciaga. While it does have a much more fitted oxford silhouette, the print is beautifully executed and a definite nod to Wang’s creation.

To emulate Wang’s simple black pant, turn to ASOS. For $37, the online website offers its very own Crop Pants with Clean Waistband that instantly transform the look to one of high fashion and incredible class. Avoid using a belt here as it adds merely another layer of detail that could clash with the ease of the outfit’s overall feeling.

When it comes to the finishing outfit with shoes, there are countless options that can make, break, or fully transform the look. The first option to mimic the formal look of the original is H&M’s crackle patterned Leather Pumps. At $99, these heels add the perfect matching detail to the crackle patterned shirt—just as Wang did with his heeled sandal.

(Click for larger view)

For a more masculine—yet undoubtedly dressy—feeling, choose DSW’s Mojo Moxy Swingtime Oxford. This black leather and transparent vinyl combo will bring an edgy urbanism to the look while still keeping it chic and formal for $45. For a more feminine approach, use any solid black or white flat, and avoid extraneous hardware to continue the minimalism of Wang’s style.

With any fashionable ensemble, it takes a few tricks to snag the look at a cheaper price. Thanks to Wang’s Balenciaga and a few companies that are hot on trends and soft on wallets, they just happen to make this ready-to-wear an easy-to-wear.

David Bologna is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com.


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