High Fashion, College Wallet: Akris

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with those wallet-busting sales, seemingly too-early holiday commercials, and even more forward thinking for the fashion world. Designers are slowly beginning to trickle in with their new Pre-Fall collections revealing a very slight reference to what will be hot in the summer and fall of 2014. But get us through winter first, right?

Well, it is never too early to use some new inspiration to maximize current styles and even show your own genius in keeping ahead of the trends. Akris’s Albert Kriemler looked for a blast from the past for his Pre-Fall 2014 collection to throwback the coming year to a look of sophistication and dashing danger. Using Faye Dunaway’s signature Bonnie Parker look from the iconic Bonnie and Clyde film, Akris aimed to present a clean, somewhat Parisian angle on classic styling and sharp appeal.

via Vogue.com

The most street-worthy look was an outfit that makes an entire statement with its own color palette. Referencing the current season’s obsession with bordeaux, Akris’s fifth look features a clean slim bordeaux pant with a lined pipe detail down the front that leads to a pair of nude leather pumps. Above, a crimson textured sweater flows with its toasty turtleneck topped by an equally adorable and warming bordeaux beret. Translating this simplistic look from runway to street is almost too good to be true.

The perfect pant is ASOS’ wine Pants with High Waist for $40 from the online website. Paired with a Michael Antonio nude Manley Bootie for $25 from 6pm.com, the outfit can emit an edgy yet sophisticated vibe that proves to be much more practical than wearing the original look’s stiletto heels.

For the top, separates are necessary to mimic the feeling of the cozy sweater and its even cozier scarf. Macy’s offers a beautiful red Long-sleeve Turtleneck Sweater by Karen Scott for just $33 while ASOS offers a Selected Finlandia Scarf for $46 in an almost identical color and pattern. Paired together, the two pieces will look just as seamless as the luxurious one piece sweater of the Akris collection.

Click for larger view
(Click for larger view)

For the final touch, venture to American Apparel for their bordeaux Unisex Wool Beret. At $24, it pretty perfectly finishes the already classy look with an extra touch of fun.

Of course, many of these pieces come in additional colors, so if red and bordeaux do not fit your style, mix it up a bit with a different solid color palette. Either way, you’ll stay warm, look great, and be ahead of the trends of the fashion world with Akris’ Pre-Fall 2014 collection as your chic inspiration at a fraction of the cost.

David Bologna is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com.


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