Editor’s Picks: Thanksgiving Dinner at Tiffany’s

Happy Thanksgiving (break), everyone! Whether you’re staying in the city or lugging a vegan pumpkin pie home on the Metro North (like me), eat much and spend plenty of time with whichever family or friends you may be around this week.
Via Flikr
Via Flikr
Thanksgiving may not be known as a holiday with a strong fashion association, unless you count stretchy fabrics, so my suitcase (currently wedged uncomfortably between my knees because I’m not tall or strong enough to fit it in the overhead racks) is packed fairly lightly. The biggest dose of style I’m likely to get this week is the copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s I blew through before the train even left New York State (granted, at under 90 pages, it’s hardly even a novella). Even those who have never read the book have likely seen the movie, or at least the widely-circulated images of Audrey Hepburn in pearls and black sunglasses. Unlike too many books and films that condemn this sort of glamorous adornment as cheap artifice, Breakfast at Tiffany’s rather admires the spirit Holly Golightly draws from–and lends to–her society girl uniform. Anyone who’s spent enough time at Wasserman or any sort of professional development setting has probably heard the phrase “wear your armor,” and certainly anyone can appreciate it because the philosophy behind it is so inclusive. The idea is just to wear what makes you feel most confident and capable, be it an A-line dress and heels or a pantsuit and tie. Of course, this extends beyond career situations and well into any facet of life; even when that means applying lipstick to brace oneself for bad news.
Somewhere between Westport and Fairfield, and after I finished the book, the train passed a slew of forested and marshy areas with leaves and grass all a saturated shade of orange, making me glad I had packed at least one rust-colored sweater. Part of me really persists in the belief that dressing in a manner that is “seasonally appropriate” means taking inspiration from kindergarten teachers. (You should see what I wore on Valentine’s Day this year. I have no shame.) For those still looking to get the last few weeks of autumn colors into their wardrobe (which I would certainly recommend), consider this slouchy one from Modcloth or this simple one from Forever 21.
As one who gives no clout to this Black Friday nonsense, it’s unlikely I’ll be carrying back with me any more than I have now when I come back to the city on Sunday. That said, holiday shopping is actually still a major concern on the horizon, so my bank account isn’t safe yet. I expect to be spending a lot of time at the Union Square holiday market and, erm, the internet in the coming weeks. Expect an update on that.
That said, no need to jump the holiday gun. I, for one, will be watching holiday classics such as the Gaga Thanksgiving Special and the season one Gossip Girl thanksgiving episode in the meantime; travel safely and I’ll see you all next week.
Ariana DiValentino is the beauty/style editor. Email her at bstyle@nyunews.com.

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