High Fashion, College Wallet: Alexander Wang

With designs that have been crucial in the rise of the Goth Ninja fashion trend, Alexander Wang has been name-checked by noted fans like rapper ASAP Rocky. Now the current Creative Director at Balenciaga, Wang creates clothing with a simplicity that makes his outfits easy to emulate, often combining sportswear such as sweatpants with traditional pieces like cardigans. The New York-based designer is known for these minimalist designs that utilize a limited color palette of black, grey and white, and he also has a notable fondness for leather which he uses for accessories and as trim. The featured outfit below is a standout from his Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s Collection.

Via highsnobiety.com

The centerpiece of this outfit is an oversized shirt that appears to mirror a tunic. To achieve this look, try a shirt one size up from what you regularly wear. Most importantly, ensure that the top button of the shirt can be comfortably buttoned. This accentuates the length of the shirt and prevents it from appearing unkempt. While the pattern of the shirt is unique, the color scheme is well replicated in an ASOS Afends Vintage Print Shirt. At $115 this shirt is certainly pricey, but still less than Alexander Wang’s $395 version.

Finishing off the top half of this outfit is the sweater. Although a black sweater could easily be found in vintage stores, American Apparel offers a nearly identical piece in its Black and White Fleck Fisherman’s Pullover. At $78, this sweater is a more affordable alternative to Wang’s $995 piece. Stay true to size in styling the sweater, as well; the ensemble works because of the contrast between the long shirt and more fitted silhouette.

(Click for larger view)

The bottom half of the outfit nods to a more conservative style with its combination of sleek black pants and dress shoes. For pants, Levi’s offers many slim-fit options including their Skinny Fit Line 8 Pants ($64). For a more casual take on the outfit, substitute any of Levi’s jean options, such as their classic Skinny Fit Jeans ($48). While any pair of regular loafers would work for footwear, try some leather boots like Clarks’ “Goby Hi” ($99.99). For a more casual look, Converse’s classic Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi-Tops in leather ($69.99) pair perfectly with black Levi’s skinny jeans.

Because Alexander Wang’s style is easy to emulate, play around with different styles and explore his casual sweatpants looks, as well. These are great inspiration for making even athletic clothing appear well put-together. Finally, keep in mind that pulling off Wang’s ensembles need not require exact matches for each piece. Instead, draw on the monochromatic palette of his outfits to construct your own ensembles at half (maybe even one-quarter) of the price.

Samuel Del Rowe is a staff writer. Email him at bstyle@nyunews.com.


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