Editor’s Picks: Releasing, FRINGE!

As of this morning, Fringe is out, and it only took a single Diet Mountain Dew. (And, you know, weeks and weeks of work, preparation, and an entire staff dedicated to its completion. Endless thanks, team.) If you didn’t manage to grab a copy, be sure to snag one at some point this weekend, and check out the fabulous web content (with more to come in the near future, ssshhh).

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

While working out the fine details of Fringe last night, the one task that was the most unexpectedly difficult was coming up with titles and captions for each of the style credits. It might be silly, seeing as it’s such a tiny detail that I’m sure most people are going to overlook, but I found myself getting stuck on those little sentences for longer than I care to admit. Coming up with the titles often consisted of scrolling through my Spotify playlists and wracking my brain for old favorite books to come up with semi-puns and other misuses of language that loosely hint at the theme of the spread, either conceptually or just linguistically.

As far as things I’m liking this week and want to use my editorly expertise and wisdom to bestow upon you, benevolent readers? Well, Fringe, if you didn’t get the hint. Fringe, and now rest. Spontaneous yoga and singing of showtunes, also; both of which are direct results of my joyful exhaustion and which I cannot really provide an explanation for. Today was the first day all week I put in my contacts and made a legitimate effort with makeup, so I’d like to thank N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner in Black for being so easy with which to make a striking and vaguely straight cat-eye, and Benefit High Beam highlighter for making me look a bit more like a live person.

With regards to that, I think I’m going to make a serious attempt to sleep now (well before 2 a.m., miraculously) and perhaps my skin will start to forgive me for the abuse I’ve been putting it through. And of course, HAPPY FRINGE DAY!

Ariana DiValentino is the beauty/style editor. Email her at adivalentino@nyunews.com.

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