Who Dressed Laura Palmer? This Online Brand, Apparently.

Can we talk for a minute about the fact that online shop Suckers Apparel just released a collection inspired by Twin Peaks?

Via Suckers Apparel
Via Suckers Apparel

Yes. Yes they did. The collection is only seven pieces, but what pieces they are–quite literal interpretations of Twin Peaks imagery and patterns. The “Smoking in the Girls’ Room” capelet (pictured above), for example, features the wall motif of the Twin Peaks High School bathroom. I can’t say it’s not at least a little appealing in and of itself, but the geekery factor is really what might get you to drop the $179.99. (Key word: might. Other key word: wishlist.)

Via Suckers Apparel
Via Suckers Apparel

The mini-collection gets even more literal and, fittingly, more morbid with pieces like the Laura dress (not-so-subtly suggesting a shroud) for $189.99,  and leggings covered with the repeating text, “Who Killed Laura?” , for $99.99. Also available are wood-printed leggings paying homage to Log Lady, and a rather attractive velvet dress which takes the theme more generally, among a few other pieces.

The verdict on this collection? It’s simply too irresistible to hate it. While most of us working on a college budget probably won’t want to drop $100+ for a subtle and obscure sartorial reference to a cult classic TV show, it might be too tempting not to request a Twin Peaks-themed gift from the family as we approach the holidays. Embarrassingly geeky? Yeah, for sure. But hey, I sure wouldn’t judge.

Ariana DiValentino is the beauty/style editor. Email her at adivalentino@nyunews.com.


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