Editor’s Picks: How to Look Okay Without Really Trying

When it comes to daily mode of dress, I started out this semester so well, I really did. I was wearing skirts/dresses/otherwise reasonably well-put-together outfits nearly every day. Since this “autumn” thing has started to get real, though, my motivation has faltered. Wearing legitimate pants isn’t too appealing of an option; in fact, I’ve been mastering ways to wear leggings without hating myself (pair with a long cardigan and tall equestrian boots, skip the pumpkin spice latte). As of late, I’ve been childishly drawn to all things lazy and warm. Neon zebra patterned socks? Articles entitled “30 Sweatshirts You Can Wear to Work”? Getting a cinnamon-raisin bagel toasted with tofu spread and a small hot coffee so regularly that the morning crew at The Bean knows my order? All of that. Check. Can’t get enough.

This may seem out of character and disappointing for a fashion editor. I acknowledge that. In my defense, I have been doing some very dignified things in the face of this weather, even aside from eating many fancy vegetable soups—I’ve renewed my relationship with my lipstick collection. When most of my face and body is obscured by fabric, colorful lips are one way to make a statement that says, “Hey, I may be wearing a beanie that makes me look like a hood rat, but at least I have great lips.”

Via Nopatternrequired.com.
Via Nopatternrequired.com

(Just try to ignore the scientifically proven 3,000x increase in glamour acquired by applying high-saturation color to your face.)

My favorites are a light coat of Revlon Lipstick Creme in Cherries in the Snow (not too drying, but won’t cause a sticky fit with my hair and the wind) or Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso, for those days when I’m feeling particularly fancy. (As a side note, I’ve just learned that apparently “Cherries in the Snow” is a very old, very famous shade once sworn upon by actresses and housewives alike. You can’t deny the irresistible appeal of fruit-colored makeup.)

Via Glamourdaze.blogspot.com
Via Glamourdaze.blogspot.com

Also happening to be a godsend right now is the jar of body butter my grandmother brought back for me from her recent trip to Greece (traveling is kind of her thing since she’s retired). It’s creamy and fluffy and ridiculously moisturizing, due to its being made with olive oil and calendula. The brand is Open Cosmetics and I’m glad this jar is so well-sized and thus will last me awhile, because I can’t figure out how to order more.

Fringe is getting even closer to wrapping up, but between editing articles and reading about Stanislavsky (unrelated to Fringe), sleep has not been a top priority for me and the circles under my eyes are here to show it. The logical solution, clearly, is to stay up later to try a new face mask that’s been waiting in my Birchbox for weeks. I think it’s pretty obvious I have things all figured out, so be sure to follow my lead to make it this last couple of weeks before Thanksgiving break. With irresponsibility, we can do it.

Ariana DiValentino is the beauty/style editor. Email her at adivalentino@nyunews.com.


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