How-To Tuesday: DIY Skin Care Treatments

Walking down the skin care aisle of the local drugstore or weaving through a Sephora in search of the perfect face mask or lotion can be a bit intimidating—it seems that today, there’s a wide variety of products that are made to perform the same function. But instead of heading to a beauty supplies store, take a detour to your grocery or kitchen cabinets, where you can find common ingredients to make some easy, and inexpensive,  DIY skin care remedies.

Sugar and Honey Scrub

The weather’s quickly getting colder in NYC, and soon the negative effects of chilly winter days will start appearing on your skin. Exfoliation, especially during the winter months, is essential to make sure that your skin retains enough moisture, and does not peel, throughout the day. A simple scrub, made from brown or white sugar and honey, will remove the dry and flaky top surface of your skin to reveal a soft and smooth complexion. The exfoliating properties of sugar, combined with the moisturizing effects of honey will leave your skin soft and refreshed.

In a bowl, mix about ½ cup of either brown sugar or white sugar with ¼ cup honey. Brown sugar is gentler on the skin, and is preferable for the face, lips, or sensitive skin, while white sugar forms a scrub that’s a bit rougher. Once the honey and sugar are combined, apply the scrub to the face, lips, hands, or body, and then rinse with warm water.

Dana Reszutek/WSN
Dana Reszutek/WSN

Pumpkin Mask

Take advantage of the seasonal items at your grocery store with a homemade pumpkin mask. Pumpkin is naturally packed with various vitamins that are essential for your skin, including Vitamins A, C, and E. A mask containing this ingredient would be a gentle and replenishing way to keep your skin healthy, as well as fight breakouts.

First, add about half a small can of pureed pumpkin—try to avoid the canned pumpkin that contains other spices and ingredients—to a small bowl. Then, take ¼ cup of honey, and about 2-3 tablespoons of milk. The type of milk generally depends on your skin type—the oilier your skin is, the lower the fat content the milk should be. Mix the ingredients together until fully combined. Apply this mask to a clean face for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash off with warm water.

Dana Reszutek/WSN
Dana Reszutek/WSN

Egg Treatment 

One last at-home skin care technique may not be as appealing as most DIY ingredients. Though egg is not the most pleasant-smelling ingredient, the health benefits to your skin that eggs bring are incredible. A weekly at-home one-egg facial treatment will leave your skin bright and clear.

To begin, take one organic egg, and separate the egg whites and yolk into two bowls. With a whisk or fork, beat the egg whites until frothy. Then, on a clean face, apply the egg whites to your face, and let sit for about ten minutes, or until the mask has dried, and feels tight on the face. Remove the mask with warm water, and dry your face. Then, with a fork, pierce the egg yolk, and take a small amount of the broken yolk, with your fingertips, and apply to your face. Be sure to avoid your eyes. Again, allow the yolk mask to sit for about ten minutes before removal.

Dana Reszutek/WSN
Dana Reszutek/WSN

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