Style Spotted: Halloween Edition

Throughout the three days of events, parades, and parties that make Halloween in the city, NYU students showcased their creativity in costume form. Here are just a few of our favorite costumes from the holiday week.

Emma Forstenhausler, Gallatin freshman

“I’m a mermaid! I basically just paired together everything shiny that I own.”

Hannah Treasure/WSN
(Click for a larger view)


Gaby Granda, Tisch sophomore

Gaby was “Sexy Walter White,” striking equal parts of shock and inspiration into Breaking Bad fans everywhere.

“What has been your all-time favorite costume?”

“My favorite was when I was a pin-up sailor.”

Dana Reszutek/WSN
(Click for a larger view)

Lauren Rangel, CAS sophomore

Lauren was a punk for Halloween, sporting a quintessential plaid skirt with the classic, unabashed tongue expression.

“What’s your favorite Halloween candy?”

“I like to combine Kit Kats with Nerds.”

Dana Reszutek/WSN
(Click for a larger view)

Hannah Treasure is a staff writer. Email her at


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