Editor’s Picks: (Desperately in Need of a) Sweater Weather

A couple of days this past week have been cold; so cold, in fact, that I’ve found myself unable to describe the weather without using profanity. Granted, as a native New Englander, complaining about the weather is both an unbreakable habit and a pastime for me, but the result is the same nonetheless. I have wanted to wear nothing but blankets masquerading as sweaters. The point is, I’ve had nothing but knit on the mind lately (notice I commissioned a piece on oversize sweaters in today’s edition). Alas, there really isn’t enough room in my tiny closet (or budget) to go ham at Urban Outfitters or Topshop and grab chunks upon chunks of cable-knits—so naturally, I made a beeline for Forever 21 after finishing work last night and after far too much deliberation, walked out with a single slouchy black sweater. Consolidating this net of yarn with my recent anti-pants kick, however, may prove challenging. Or fabulous. (Or maybe I’ll just go for the leggings-as-pants thing).

Tanner Nelson/WSN
Tanner Nelson/WSN

Completing my look this week is a neo-grunge (read: chipped) coat of Lincoln Park After Dark (OPI) on my nails, basically the most perfect color ever, and an array of lipstick-stained coffee cups as the final details of Fringe begin come together. (Stay tuned!)

On a separate note, it’s important to remember that taking anything—especially fashion—too seriously only makes it more ridiculous. Take a moment to laugh at the over-the-top fashionite celebutantes and socialites this week—and remember to buy “Applause” on iTunes.

Ariana DiValentino is the beauty/style editor. Email her at adivalentino@nyunews.com.


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