How-To Tuesday: Autumn Ombré Eyes

Autumn has arrived. As the leaves of the trees alter from summery greens to various shades of reds and oranges, one can use this transformation as inspiration for transforming their makeup looks. An ombré eye shadow look will not only match the fall leaves, but is a simple way to heighten your everyday makeup routine.

Begin by priming the eyelids. Primer is important because it helps the eye shadow adhere more to the skin and prevents it from rubbing off throughout the day. If one has oily skin, try eye shadow primers from Urban Decay or Nars. Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a good one for dry skin. All of these options can be purchased at Sephora ($20-$24).

Start with a yellow eye shadow; shown here is a shadow from a CoverGirl palate, Dazzling Metallics ($7). Apply this color to the inner third of the eyelid. Don’t worry about making the shape perfect because blending will come at the end. A white liner can be applied instead of a yellow eye shadow if one has tan skin or an eye shadow that is not pigmented enough. Ulta Kohl Eye Liner in Halo ($5) is a good alternative because it already has a slight yellow sheen to it.

Ombre 1
Denise Fabella/WSN
(Click for a larger view)

Brighten your eyes by highlighting the inner corners. Pictured here is the shade Nude from the Lorac Pro Palette, ($42), but any nude shadow that contains some iridescent shimmer will work.

Next, with a flat eye shadow brush, coat a shimmery gold eye shadow, such as Gold from the Lorac Pro Palette, onto the center of the eyelid. A more affordable gold eye shadow that is fairly pigmented is the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadow in Amber Rush ($10). This shadow has more a creamy consistency so one can just apply it with their fingertips instead of a brush.

ombre 2
Denise Fabella/WSN
(Click for a larger view)

Afterwards, find a deeper red-toned eye shadow. Used here is the shade Garnet in the Lorac Pro Palette. An angled eye shadow brush is preferred but a flat one can still be used as well. Place the eye shadow on the outer third of the eyelid. Then, tilt the brush to match the curve of the lower waterline. Coat on the eye shadow as if one is extending the lower waterline, giving the look a winged effect.

Now, time to take out the blending brush. A blending brush has fine densely packed bristles set in an oval shape. One brush option that has soft bristles is the Sephora Pro Blending Brush ($20). Use the brush to soften the harsh edges between the three colors, and to blend out the edge of the eye shadow.

ombre 3
Denise Fabella/WSN
(Click for a larger view)

After blending, feel free to add another layer of the three colors, and then blend out some more. Continue repeating the application and blending process until one is satisfied with the pigmentation of the look.

The ombré look is now complete. Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line and add mascara if desired, or leave this shadow look to stand out on its own. Take advantage of the crisp fall season, and enjoy autumn inspiration in your beauty routine.

Brenda Liu is a contributing writer. Email her at 


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