How-To Tuesday: Pin-up Girl Hair


Vintage trends regularly make reappearances in fashion, bringing back styles from years past. This is no exception for hairstyles, such as the pompadour, created in the 50’s, which has once again become a trendy statement look. Celebrities, such as Janelle Monae, have helped modernize this forward-facing classic, and have inspired others to try this 50s reincarnation. This pompadour-inspired look is fitting for any special occasion, from a night out, to a 50s themed costume look.

Perhaps the best element of this look is that it does not require the use of clip-in extensions, or volume-enhancing products like the infamous ‘Bump-It. All of the volume and style will come straight from your own hair, making this look simple and easy to manage.


To begin, grab 6-7 bobby pins that match your hair color, and a curling iron. You may need a few more pins if your hair is on the thicker side. First, separate the top couple layers of your hair, and gather it into a partial ponytail, making the side parts parallel to the corners of your eyes. If you want a smaller amount of volume in the front, raise the part up by half an inch, or closer to the arches of your eyebrows.

  0-7 0-60-5

Then, take the partial ponytail, and tuck the ends under the front section of your hair, completely coiling the ponytail until the ends of it do not show, and your hair is elevated, forming a ‘cushion’ of hair. To create more volume, push the entire ‘cushion’ forward towards the front of your head. Secure this in place with bobby pins, making sure no ends from the partial ponytail are showing. Teasing or applying product to your hair is not necessary, but to ensure a longer-lasting look, hairspray can be used to ensure the bobby pins remain in place. For the remainder of the hair, use a curling iron to form your choice of curls or waves, working your way from the bottom-most layer to the top.

  0-4 0-30-2

If you’re going for a complete 50s look for this year’s Halloween festivities, pair this hairstyle with a classic red lip, defined brows, and winged eyeliner. Then, finish it off with a full-skirted ‘fit and flare’ dress, a perfect and easy look for your next Halloween event.

Christina Sahli is a contributing writer. Email her at


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